Thursday, October 13, 2011

ICT Exercise

Question no 2 (for section C / Paper 1) :

You are an IT expert in your company.  Your boss appointed you as the Project Manager to build a multimedia presentation to be shown to a Japanese company as a promotion to get into the Japanese market.  Your responsibility is to form a development team for this task.  List out the committee with their job description before  the meeting with them to distribute the task.   (7m)

Try this Question..

question 1 :

The processing unit controls all activities within the system. For every instruction, the control unit repeats a set of four basic operations called the machine cycle.

Unit pemprosesan mengawal segala aktiviti didalam sesuatu sistem. Setiap arahan yang dijalankan menyebabkan unit kawalan mengulang keempat-empat operasi asas yang dipanggil kitaran mesin.

Draw a machine cycle.
Lukis kitaran mesin

Monday, October 3, 2011


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